How to Set Up Google My Business To Your Advantage

In the world of marketing your business online, claiming your Google My Business listing is an easy task that takes a small amount of time and has a high potential for return. 

However, 56% of businesses do not take advantage of their online listing. By claiming your business on Google, you soar ahead of the competition by appearing higher in search rankings and will be seen by a larger online audience.

Google My Business Checklist

What is Google My Business?

Your Google My Business profile holds valuable information such as location, hours, phone number, a link to your website, and more. It offers users a quick overview of where your business is and what it has to offer right in the Google search results. 

Meaning potential customers don’t even have to go to your website to find information that could very well be the beginning of a sale conversion.

Most people have used this Google feature when searching for a local restaurant, doctors office, store, or service. It is shown as the Business listing on the right in a Google search or the names that appear in Google Maps when you search for a business nearby. 

Is Having a Google My Business Important?

According to a Bright Local study, a typical business receives 59 actions directly attributed from their Google My Business listing each month. These actions include calls, website clicks, and requests for directions.

Claiming your Google My Business not only makes you look legitimate online, but allows users to get a feel for your company before making a decision. This is where you showcase your offerings to entice new customers.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you want to add in photos of your food and ambiance to highlight the customer experience. 

Your page will also be a great asset to house reviews. Positive reviews are extremely valuable to online searchers and set your business apart from the competition.

Ok, hopefully by now you can see that you definitely want to claim your business on Google. Follow these simple steps for setting up your Google My Business account and optimizing the list to give you a competitive edge in search results:

How To Set Up Google My Business

Pro Tip:  The more information you add to your profile, the more Google can know about your offerings. For example, if you provide many services it is important to include them all so when users search with multiple items Google will know if your business matches the criterion. 

  1. Claim your Google My Business account and get it verified. 
    • Once you have completed the verification process, you can fully customize your listing and your business will appear on Google Maps. 
    • Yes, you do have to request the post card in order to verify your location. 
    • Pro tip: be sure to be at your business location when you physically type in the code from your postcard to your Google My Business account. 
  2. Add your company logo and images of the business.
    • According to a Synup Study, Users are 35% more likely to click on your listing if there are photos. 
    • Google recommends 3 exterior, 3 interior, 3 photos of action at work, 3 photos of the product/service, and 3 images of employees. 
  3. Create a business description. 
    • Google gives you 750 characters to highlight your business. However, this gets cut off in the search results page at around 250 characters, so make the beginning count. 
    • Remember to include a link to your website, phone number, business address, and the locations you serve. 
    • Tip: Make sure this information is consistent with your website, yelp page, etc. 
  4. Add services
    • If you have a broad range of services make sure to list them so your business can match additional search queries. 
  5. Add Attributes
    • These are the accommodations you provide like reservations, walk-ins, kid friendly, cash-only, popular for dinner, etc.
  6. Add Social Media
    • Link your social media handles to your business listing so users can have more opportunities to see you in action. 
  7. Get Reviews
    • A great way to start is by asking loyal customers and email subscribers to write a review on your profile. 
    • Pro tip: Remember to respond to reviews and answer questions posted on your google my business profile, this shows you are well engaged with customers. 

Be sure to update your Google My Business account to always have the most up-to-date information on your company. If an aspect of your business changes, your Google My Business page should too.

 If your business is having a special discount or sale, add it to the Offers and Specials section. You can also Post on your Google My Business profile to update searchers on what is new. 

Think of your Google My Business profile as a summary or even an extension of your website. Remember to keep the internet updated with all of the exciting things you’re up to!

Google My Business Optimization with Small Business Marketing

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